Eco-Friendly Corrosion Protection & Lubrication

Lanolube (Pty) Ltd is a South African supplier of totally natural, environmentally safe (eco-friendly) and non-toxic Lanolin products for Corrosion Protection and Lubrication.

Our products have virtually limitless applications in all major industries, as well as widespread use at Home and in Leisure, Marine and Sporting Activities.

Lanolube lanolin products are available in Aerosol, Trigger Spray & Bulk Packs (e.g. 5l, 20l, 200l)

Lanolin:  The Environmentally Friendly & Natural Protector

Not many products can boast they have been designed by nature and are completely eco-friendly.  However Lanolube Lanolin Products are exactly that.  These are totally natural & biodegradable products derived from wool grease, extracted from Sheep’s Wool.  Lanolin’s role in nature is to protect wool & skin from climate and the environment and we have simply worked with mother nature to improve on her formula – bringing her natural waterproofing and protection qualities into the workplace, home & leisure environments.

Lanolube (Pty) Ltd supplies a wide range of carefully refined & blended lanolin products, which are non-toxic, non-hazardous and 100% environmentally friendly.  In fact the majority of our products are food grade approved.  The secret is in the base product – Lanolin – which has been used for centuries for its powerful anti-corrosive & lubrication qualities.  We offer you the ultimate in lubrication & corrosion protection without the risks linked to the generally accepted products manufactured from toxic oil & chemical based products.

We have a 100% environmentally safe solution for virtually every lubrication application or corrosion protection application, protecting & preserving timber, ferrous metals & non-ferrous metals. 

Lanolube products are ideally suited for home & boating/leisure use, as well as our speciality heavy duty lanolin based products designed for use in the Steel, Mining, Industrial Marine, Shipping & Offshore Industries.  There simply isn’t a better rustproof coating no matter what your application might be.

Please click through to our Products Page to learn more about our LANOLUBE lubricant, LANOSEAL corrosion protection, LANOLIN GREASE, CITRA-PREP degreaser & specialist Timber Preservative & Concrete Release products. 


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