Home and Leisure

Around the Home
Our eco-friendly Lanolube aerosol is invaluable around the home to stop squeaky hinges, protect tools from rust and to lubricate garage runners, just a few of many long lasting environmentally safe applications. 

Apply Lanoseal to the underside of your vehicles to penetrate and protect seams, spot welds and all metal areas against the effects of corrosion including pesticides and fertilisers, providing up to a full year of protection.

Lanoseal ensures an environmentally safe coating to protect boats, jet skis and trailers against salt corrosion. Our eco-friendly wheel greases provide added protection where it’s needed most.  

Bikes and Motorbikes
Lanolube is ideal for lubricating bike chains, bottom brackets, derailleurs, hubs and seat posts.  Lanoseal provides long lasting protection from corrosion and forms a barrier allowing easier cleaning and removal of dirt & mud after a ride.