High Strength Citrus Degreaser 5ltr


Replace traditional hazardous chemistries with Citra-Prep CP250 5 litre mini drum High Strength Degreaser, a powerful, non-toxic product.
Chemical safety is not just a concern for the end-user, but should be a concern for companies who expose their workers to hazardous chemicals and the liability involved.
Citra-Prep CP250 High Strength Degreaser is an organic water emulsifiable degreaser and cleaner. It contains a proprietary surfactant blend especially formulated to replace chlorinated and paraffin based solvents in cleaning and removing oily and greasy surfaces of cargo tanks, decks of vessels and drilling rigs, run-ways, hangars, roadways, service bays and other soiled surfaces.


– Water emulsifiable cleaner
– Food Grade accepted
– Non-corrosive, streak free, safe on all light metals, including aluminium and stainless steel
– Non-Toxic, Non-Reactive, Non Hazardous
– Totally Non-flammable
– Readily Biodegradable, harmless to humans
– 100% free from Hazardous Solvents
– Derived from renewable resources
– Safe to use, store and dispose
– Easy to rinse off
– Eco Friendly
– Highly concentrated with an application dosage of 5-10% aqueous solution

– A powerful fast acting natural cleaner/degreaser
– Excellent in the removal of glues, fats, grease, oils, waxes and carbon
Fast acting degreaser that is also safe to use in biocycles
– Aids in the fast removal of fresh graffiti
– Removal of thread dope from drill rods (oil & gas)
– Superior streak free cleaning of stainless steel and aluminium
– Provides an effective cleaning solutions without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional toxic chemistries.
– Products will not create difficult to handle emulsions or damage the cleaning surface.
– The recommended product to remove Lanolube Lanolin based products

– Automotive Engine Degreaser
– Removal of Lantos Lanolin
– Quick Break Degreaser
– Exterior Wash
– Cleaning of electrical components
– De-carbonisation of electric motors and windings Silicon, tar, bitumen and wax
– Interior Hard Surface Cleaning
– Parts Washing – Solvent or Aqueous
– Aluminium Alloys and Stainless Steel
– Commercial ovens and exhaust canopies (food grade) Heavy Hydrocarbon Soil Cleaning
– Thread dope from drill rods and casing
– Weapons Cleaning
– Break systems and components
– Webbing and Harnesses (tested to AS/NZS 1753 )

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Weight 5 kg