Heavy Grade Liquid Lanolin 20ltr


Lanolube HG735?20 Litre Drum is formulated using refined lanolins.?Combined with a refined carrier, together they make a fluid that is highly effective against corrosion with higher lubricity.

Longer lasting with >?30%?more lanolin, it will not dry out, it will penetrate to the base of all metals providing a corrosion protective barrier from atmospheric moisture, reducing oxygen levels, offering a highly protective coating solution.

Lanolube HG735 lubricates and displaces water. It also cleans dirt and wear metals out of the links and
sprockets. Providing reliable corrosion protection that increases life expectancy, minimises downtime, reduces lubricant consumption and reduces the noise level. Highly corroded or frozen parts such as nuts and bolts, shafts, hoist blocks and more….can be salvaged by spraying or soaking in?Lanolube HG735.

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– Natural Lanolin Derivatives
– Nano-Film Technology Surface Coating
– Great Penetrant & Preserver of Assets
– Quick Release Emollient
– Corrosion Protective Coating
– Non Conductive Value (70kV)
– Non Flammable
– Non Toxic
– Environmentally Safe
– Temperature Rating >185?C to -10?C

– Displaces moisture from surfaces protecting from salt and acid corrosion, unequalled washout resistance.
– Protects, cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal components.
– Penetrates seized parts easing release and acts as superior anti-seize for longer working life.
– Long lasting lubrication for all moving parts (Higher Lubricity).
– Inhibits the corrosive action of fertilizer on metals by forming a film barrier over surfaces.
– Protects equipment from atmospheric acid, alkali, and salt corrosion in harsh conditions.
– Resists breakdown in high temperatures and temperature variation.
– Protects electrical systems and circuit boards (Non-conductive film). Non-Conductive to 70kV.
– Food Safe.
– Environmentally Safe. Can be used around waterways in all environments with confidence.

– Marine
– Oil And Gas
– Geothermal
– Mining
– Power Station
– Tank Farms
– Oil Refineries
– Production Plants
– Pulp and Paper Mills
– Sugar refineries
– Fork Lifts
– Lift and shift
– Battery terminals
– Blocks and swivels
– Chains and cables
– Electrical components
– Marine Trailers
– Pipes and pipe casings
– Pipe thread
– Piping Spool Flanges
– Pulleys
– Switch gear

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