Lanoseal 20ltr


Lanoseal LS773 20 lItre mini drum is the ultimate in innovative technology using lanolin. It is a high-performance clear lanolin fluid film,creating a nano-film (TCP) Temporary Protective Coating barrier for exterior surface corrosion. Manufactured from derivatives of lanolin, It forms a NO TACK microfilm moisture tight seal around substrates that will resist alkali, acid, fertilizer, atmospheric moisture, and salt corrosion.

It will not flake or chip, retaining its elasticity. Protects good metals and alloy surfaces. Highly robust when dry,
producing a hardened surface coating, eliminating the need for the possible wrapping of pipes or other applications.
Long lasting strong robust protection on all metals, against possible early corrosion. Actively ready for highly
corrosive environments

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– Acid, Fertilizer & Salt resistant
– Class, Non-Hazardous
– Di-electric properties to 40kV
– Food Grade approved
– Super Low Eco-Toxic,
– Eco Friendly, Environmentally Safe
– Derived from renewable resources
– Safe to use, store and dispose of

– Forms a low tack film extending corrosion protection in harsh environments. Ideal for vehicle under-bodies.
– Penetrates metal surfaces preventing wear and extended protection.
– Migrates to inaccessible areas, penetrating seams, crevasses and spot welds.
– Protects all metals from corrosion. Especially suitable for preventing salt and acid corrosion.
– Protects equipment from atmospheric corrosion,fertilizer splash and animal wastes.
– Resists breakdown in high temperatures and temperature variation.
– Eco-friendly and Eco Safe. Can be used around waterways and in all environments withconfidence.

– 4WD underbodies
– Ag Bikes /Quad bikes
– Boat Trailers
– Blocks
– Caravans
– Chains
– Cables
– Grass Mower Underbelly
– Jet Ski trailers
– Jet Ski?s
– Marine Trailers
– Pulleys
– RV Bodies and trailers
– Spare parts storage Switch gear
– Swivels
– Outboard motor frame
– Trail Bikes
– Truck Liners
– Vehicle Under bodies

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