Lanolube Multi Purpose Liquid Lanolin Trigger Spray 750ml


Lanolube LL730 750ml Trigger Spray is an Eco- Friendly Multi-purpose Lubricant that Displaces Water, Penetrates & Protects from corrosion. Lanolube LL730 is a lightly blended, non-toxic liquid lanolin spray for use in corrosion protection and lubrication. This general purpose lubricant can be used in all major industires including home & leisure equipment, sporting activities, marine, vehicles including off-road biking, mining & industrial. Lanolube is moisture, salt, alkali & acid resistant. It acts as a quick release penetrant that frees up rusted components.

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– Environmentally Friendly
– Food Grade Approved
– Acid, Alkali & Acid Resistant
– Di-electric properties to 70kV
– Safe to use, store & dispose of
– Derived from renewable resources

– Penetrates seized parts easing release.
– Long lasting lubrication for all moving parts.
– Displaces moisture from surfaces, protecting them from corrosion.
– Penetrates metal surfaces preventing wear.
– Protects equipment from atmospheric acid & salt corrosion.
– Resists breakdown in high temperatures & temperature variation.

– Air conditioner components
– Bicycle chains
– Draw runners, roller doors & any metal based fittings
– Electrical components protection
– Garrage door tracks / rollers & springs
– Gate latches, hinges & locks
– Hand & electric mowers
– Power tools
– Protection for critcal spare parts
– Tools and more

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