Timber Preserver for Dressed Timber 20ltr


Timber Preserver DT610 for Dressed Timber 20 litre drum is a natural lanolin based liquid coating. A low build penetrating moisture resistant treatment that penetrates into the surface of the timber giving a water repellent, durable, preserving coat
It dries slowly to a natural finish maintaining the appearance of the original timber. It prevents drying, cracking and splitting of wood as a barrier to wood rot. It is environmentally friendly, especially around waterways.


– Preserves all timbers
– Protects metal fittings from corrosion
– Acid, Alkali & Salt resistant
– Class, Non-Hazardous
– Non Eco-Toxic
– Eco Friendly
– Derived from renewable resources
– Safe to use, store and dispose

– Natural finish maintaining the original timber colours.
– Dries to a non slip finish when wet.
– Penetrates the timber and prevents drying, cracking and splitting of wood.
– Does not evaporate or leach from the timber.
– Displaces moisture from surfaces protecting from wood rot – water beads off and does not penetrate.
– Contains UV absorber and fungal and mold inhibitors to extend the protection.
– Protects nails, screws and metal fittings when used with Lanolin Grease LG100.
– Eco-friendly, can be used around waterways in all environments with confidence.

– All Dressed timber including
– decks
– fences
– furniture
– Any dressed timber exposed to the elements

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Weight 20 kg